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Kuende is a Modern Content & Entertainment Company (MCEC) that is disrupting, challenging and transforming the social media status-quo .

Through the products already build and those aimed to be further developed, Kuende acts like a launchpad for nano/micro-influencers and creative minds, nurturing them from zero-to-hero, and guiding them to grow and monetize throughout all of their journey.

Empower Creators

Content creators and community builders are our rock-stars! Kuende will play a pro-active role in scouting, unboarding and supporting creative minds.

Branded Digital Goods

Based on their engagement level, creators can generate together with brands different types of digital goods and/or NFTs with different use cases.

Gamified Growth

The challenges start from the beginning of the journey, down to the late stages. Creators have clear paths to grow their audience and have a wider reach.

Monetization Channels

Kuende will offer multiple ways for content creators to monetize, supporting especially the small audience communities/nano-influencers.

In a nutshell, we challenge our community - influencers, consumers, and brands - to create quality content together, generate new revenue streams in the process, while progressively integrating blockchain solutions into our products.


We envision a world in which social media nurtures and cares for the true social needs of its members. We believe that, for the betterment of individuals and society alike, we have to balance both types of social interactions. Social platforms should not only provide the means to get connected, entertained and informed, but also help preserve the value of real life interaction.

Today’s social media has changed its dynamics, from how we consume and generate content, to the overall expectations of a creator or the new ways to engage and/or monetize. It is slowly splitting into micro-segments with different user behaviours or use cases.

We strongly believe that the future of social media stands in its content creators! In those that put up different valuable resources as their time, energy, creativity, passion or ability to create movements in small communities or even viral trends. We are building everything for them and they are the ones that will shape THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL MEDIA!



Constrained growth because of the social graph approach

The risk of not monetizing smaller audiences

Limited ways to incentivise the followers


Cluttered and noisy Newsfeeds, Fake News & Spam

Decreasing engagement and interest in digital ads

Wrong usage of hashtags


Consumers think that 60% of the content produced by brands is irrelevant or failing to deliver

Understanding and integrating different use cases of tokenization and NFTs

Lack of proper tracking for influencer marketing campaigns


No more misused hashtags

Users, influencers and brands are challenged to
generate content inspired by 3 words (hashtags).

Reach Beyond The Social Graph

Content is organized and distributed intelligently,
based on the Interests & Behaviour Graphs.

Efficient Micro-Targeting Design

Conversion rates and overall engagement increase exponentially for brands that launch Influencer/Sponsored Challenges.

Multiple opportunities for influencers
to monetize

Recurrent subscriptions, brand collaborations, engagement, NFT auctions, revenue from Digital Goods sales & royalties and Creators’ Tokens.

Gamified Brand Campaigns And Competitions

Through different levels of engagement brands compete against each other in Content Challenges, Leaderboards & Achievements.

More Than Just KPIs - All User Engagement Actively Betters The World

e.g. - When 100.000 users claim their Daily Bonus, the Community votes what social impact campaign (together with our business partners) we should support.


launched product

Web & Mobile Apps already available

More than 100.000+ users

More than 35.000+ App downloads

4.8 Rating on Google Play Store

Already Developed

content sharing

Kuende has designed a self-curating feed where the entire community can post or discover new content every day, according to their pre-defined interest filters.


Text, voice, video and photo messages. Our chat module is already fully featured and works on the desktop and mobile apps. Add GIFs and filters and the fun can begin!


We have created hundreds of different Achievements that users can unlock depending on levels of engagement and how they interact with the community.

cool navigation

No more buttons, no more menus! Using the Kuende Stick you will experience a unique, dynamic and faster way to navigate and use the Kuende apps.

content sharing

Kuende has designed a self-curating feed where the entire community can post or discover new content every day, according to their pre-defined interest filters.


Text, voice, video and photo messages. Our chat module is already fully featured and works on the desktop and mobile apps. Add GIFs and filters and the fun can begin!


We have created hundreds of different Achievements that users can unlock depending on levels of engagement and how they interact with the community.

cool navigation

No more buttons, no more menus! Using the Kuende Stick you will experience a unique, dynamic and faster way to navigate and use the Kuende apps.

Future Development
- The Taggy App -

How Does It Work

Our smart algorithm generates different triads
(a triad = a combination of 3 different hashtags)
that act like prompts.

The community is challenged to generate content
based on the dynamic-changing triads.

Content creators have clear leveling-up structures that
offer access to different features, benefits, or revenue streams.

Hashtags and even usernames can become assets,
fully controlled/owned by the user.

NFTs offer different use cases and act like
enablers for the overall engagement.

(more details and full features list coming soon)

The Kuende Token

Token Details

ERC-20 Token, Ticker: KUE

Max Supply: 3,560,000,000 KUE

Total Supply: 3,013,984,637 KUE
(546,015,363 KUE where burned - check here)

Connecting through challenges

KUE Use Cases


Incetivise Followers

Generate Creators’ Tokens & NFTs

Premium Features & Tools

Token Buy-Back Program


Subscribe to Influencers

Participate in Content Challenges

Peer-2-Peer Transfers

In-app Purchases


Discounted Promotional Packs

Branded Hashtags

Sponsored Content Challenges

Purchase Digital Goods


Generate together with Brands, NFTs that offer different advantages or benefits to the holders

e.g. - a travel company is generating Digital Fridge-Magnets, that act like collectable NFTs. Owning more from a certain country/region, will get you better offers and deals when you want to travel there

Generate NFTs for influencers when they reach a certain community level/number of subscribers

e.g. - owning an Influencer NFT offers free subscription or unlocks the Ambassador status.

Hashtags Can Become NFTs, That Offer Holders A Chance To Earn Based On The Overall Engagement

e.g. - #cats, will probably be the most wanted hashtag, therefore it will have a lower supply.

Listings & Trackers



Over the past three years, Kuende has come a long way, and has established an organization based on its visionary idea, technologically impressive execution and a team that over delivers. We are very confident that we’ll be able to continue to stick to this track-record as we move forward with the following milestones:


Pre-seed Investment (Alpha)


Seed Investment

Mobile Apps (Alpha) for iOS & Android

Implemented Gamification

2017 & Mobile Apps (Beta)

Web & Mobile Security Audit

Prepare ICO

GDPR Compliance


Launched ICO

Deposit KUE into the Platform

Security Audit


Kuende Challenges

Redesigned Mobile Apps

Survival Mode (Market Crash)


Survival Mode (COVID-19)

Vision & Product Reiteration (1/2)

Company Restructure

2021 (Q1 - Q2)

Vision & Product Reiteration (2/2)

Exchange Listing (STEX)

Update Trackers

Update Former ICO Website

Brand Repositioning

New Partnerships

Explore DEX Listing

Build Market Momentum for KUE (1/2)

2021 (Q3 & Q4)

Build Market Momentum For KUE (2/2)

Develop Taggy App

Update the Kshop

New Partnerships

Onboard Nano & Micro-Influencers

At Least 3 New Exchange Listings

2022 (Q1)

Soft Launch Taggy

New Partnerships

Launch PR & Marketing Campaigns

Subscription Module

NFTs & In-App Purchases

2022 (Q2)

Hard Launch Taggy

Launch Revenue Streams

Launch User Growth Campaigns (1/2)

Launch 1 Million Dollars Content Challenge

Subscription Module

Creator’s Token

2022 (Q3 & Q4)

Launch User Growth Campaigns (2/2)

First Paying Brand

Branded Hashtags

Launch New Revenue Streams

Bridge Between Taggy &


Growth & Scale

Onboard Macro & Mega Influencers

Work With Influencers Module (for Brands)

Launch in New Markets


Founding Team

Behind Kuende’s founding team stands a deep friendship that dates back to 2012. They have been working together on Kuende since 2014, facing many up-and-down moments, but have always stuck together. Throughout these years, Kuende has managed to gather many talents, from business developers and backend/mobile/frontend engineers to product & experience designers.

Pavel Antohe

Pavel Antohe

CEO & Founder

Pavel is a former professional gamer and an Alumni of, a Google-backed Startup Incubator and best known for kick-starting innovation and leading teams of talented people to incredible success. He is an experienced Entrepreneur with over 8 years of researching, designing and building consumer products. His drive, energy and passion is known to inspire motivation and focus on those around him. As the Visionary behind Kuende, he studies and forecasts the trends in social media to see opportunities before any of our competitors do. And maybe his most important quality, he has the ability to instantly see features from the user’s perspective. This gives the team a visible goal to work toward and a roadmap to judge their success in creating the Kuende vision.}

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Teodor Pripoae

Teodor Pripoae

CTO & Co-founder

Tony is a software developer with more than 11 years of experience. As our CTO, he oversees our entire development plan. Most notably, he is one of the pioneers of Ruby on Rails, which makes him a magnet for high quality developers and allows Kuende to recruit talent simply by mentioning his presence here. Mastering most of the backend technologies and highly experienced in DevOps, his focus is on coding and designing backend architectures built for scalability and security.}

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Mihnea Rafailescu

Mihnea Rafailescu

CDO & Co-founder

Author of Children Of Skull and HOMS NFT projects with over a decade of illustration and graphic design experience, Rafa's passion for art and video games has always led to innovative ideas for our different app user interfaces and features. His work-ethic has motivated the entire team to do more and over deliver as much as they can, and, as industrious as he is, he still manages to find the time to toy with new pieces of technology for the betterment of Kuende.}

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Alexandru Tache

Alexandru Tache

Lead Dev & Co-Founder

Alex has more than 11 years experience in software development and scalability. He was a Site Reliability Engineer for Google Cloud Persistent Disk and an intern at the Google Production Security Team. All of that experience at Google building ultra-reliable and scalable systems has been a gold-mine for Kuende. Over the last 3 years he has collaborated with multiple blockchain projects, delivering solutions for different use cases. He always seems to instantly know the best long-term approach to solve any technical problem with minimum cost.}

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Fadi Bishara

Fadi Bishara


He is the Founder & CEO of Blackbox, a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit working to elevate entrepreneurs across the globe.

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Thomas Bangert

Thomas Bangert

Former Trip Advisor, Digital Maverick

Thomas graduated with a triple degree in Economics, Marketing and Entrepreneurship from private business school ESC Le Havre/HEC at the end of 1999. He joined Ifyoutravel, a travel start-up funded by LVMH in 2000 as Commercial Manager.

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Rana Chakrabarti

Rana Chakrabarti

Experience Designer SAP

Rana is an experience designer, which he defines as the business of designing moments. He has executed turnkey projects for Siemens for a period of five years. Since 2000 he has worked for SAP as a software developer at different levels of seniority in automotive, aerospace & defence, manufacturing and supply chain management domains.

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Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe

European Commission Expert

As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies. Leading expert in Startup, Investment, Fintech and Blockchain industries, Ian currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.

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Carolina Rodriguez

Carolina Rodriguez

Former Head Communications UN

Carolina is a communications expert with 20 years of experience developing high-level advocacy campaigns for global organizations including the United Nations. Until December 2016, she headed the International Geneva Perception Change Project, a flagship communications project launched by Michael Moller, former Director General of the UN in Geneva. Carolina previously worked with former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan as Head of Communications and Partnerships at the Africa Progress Panel. and also worked for the United Nations Development Programme, the Economic Commission for Latin America the Caribbean and for the Economic Commission for Africa. Carolina designs online communication products and campaigns, specifically targeted at global leaders and policy-makers. She has extensive experience in designing infographics that visualize data in compelling ways to facilitate decision-making and to help organizations that need to communicate complex issues in simple ways. She founded a communications company in Singapore that specializes in creative consulting, communications and design. Most of her work caters to international organizations and government, but also increasingly expanding towards helping businesses envision sustainable partnerships with positive social and environmental impact.

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Ron Crawford

Ron Crawford

Soon-To-Be Kuende CBDO

Ron is the Chief Business Development Officer and member of the Executive Team. His responsibilities include establishing and growing the company’s strategic relationships with Brands, Partners, the influencer community, alliances with technology innovators and strategic investors. “I truly appreciate clever practical innovation and all those that participate in bringing their dreams, solutions for unmet needs and advancements for the better good to market like Kuende. This journey can consume us, so to truly thrive, one’s body and soul need to be nourished both physically and intellectually, exercising all our muscles, especially the brain. I find relief on a mountain bike or blazing a trail into the bush, backcountry skiing following the tracks of our neighbors, the wild animals that live all around us. The ability to interact, share, debate and most importantly to listen to the person in front of you even if a tribal opposite, respecting the others opinion even if you disagree, sharing a great glass of wine or a pint maybe leaving only agreeing to disagree. If you listen, I am confident that you will learn something. The more you learn, the more you will evolve.” }

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Andrei Avadanei

Andrei Avadanei

CEO Bit Sentinel

Andrei is the best known white-hat hacker in Romania. He founded DefCamp – the biggest IT security conference in Central and Eastern Europe, with more than 1400 participants and 60 speakers from over 40 countries. Andrei is also the President of Cyber Security Research Center in Romania, Bucharest. He is certified as OSCE, OSCP and CISA.

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Dragos Stanca

Dragos Stanca

ICEEfest Founder

Dragos is perhaps one of the top digital media and ad-tech pioneer in Central and Eastern Europe. He is the founder of ICEEfest (Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival) – an event that attracts thousands of marketers, media personalities and global players to Bucharest each year.

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Aurel Iancu

Aurel Iancu

Cosmos Validator

Aurel is a entrepreneur since 2008 activating in the IT industry. Starting late 2013, he decided to join the global blockchain community and gave up on all projects involved at that time.

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